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In celebration of International Women’s Day 2022, Nailed It® brings a hand drawn design representing women across the world. These are hands reaching out across continents and natural divides, a sentiment of justice, hope and dignity. This is about women connecting wherever you are, whatever you do… this
day is a reflection of you. May we come together not just today, but everyday, in connecting, supporting and paving the way for future generations with the gifts we hold as a collective, as women. May we bridge the past with the present and promote change for the future.

This design is available in the following sizes: (13) 12″x24″ Solid, (15) 14″x24″ Stack, (16) 14″x24″ Solid Framed, (21) 24″x 36″ Solid Framed

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(13) 12″x24″ Solid, (15) 14″x24″ Stack, (16) 14″x24″ Solid Framed, (17) 14″x24″ Stack Framed, (21) 24″x36″ Solid Framed