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Junior Woodshop

Special Sunday Sessions 1/16 - 2/6

Junior WoodShop is a four-course program aimed at engaging your child in the world of woodworking, DIY, and design. See below for workshop descriptions. You may choose to enroll in all four-courses upfront at a discounted rate, or pay per course. Workshop times are from 11a-2p for all dates.

The courses are as follows:
January 16 | Workshop 1: Introduction to Woodshop
  • Required 1st Course. Your child will learn the history of woodworking and the advancement of modern day tools. By the end of the course, they will be able to demonstrate the safe use of many of the power tools we use in studio by creating their own tool box to take home.
January 23 | Workshop 2: Geometric Pattern and Design
  • Your child will learn how simple shapes and colors are used as puzzle pieces to create much bigger designs. They will create their own geometric board that will challenge their creativity and thought processes.
January 30 | Workshop 3: Hand Finishing Techniques
  • How do designers use color to express mood and emotion? Your child will find out during this lesson on Color Theory and wood finishes. They will test their understanding in a fun, personalized wood project.
February 6 | Workshop 4: Be Your Own Designer
  • The course concludes with your child being their own designer. We will touch on the theory of Feng Shui, and learn how different room design concepts work to create harmony. They will finish the course by designing their very own focal points in a wood and a fabric project.

These courses are intended for ages 8+. If you believe your younger child will benefit from the course, please reach out to us beforehand.

You may elect to purchase the four-course series for a discounted rate. Add your selections to your cart and check out. If you are enrolling multiple children, you will need to complete this page for each child. Small snacks will be provided during class, please make us aware of any allergies your child may have. You may want to send your child in with a lunch if they will require more than a snack during the three hour course. Water bottles are also suggested.

Sibling 10% Discount Code for full program: SIBLINGJW

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